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Orthopedic Care at Xcell Medical Group


Xcell Medical Group is a full Rehabilitation facility offering the best in Integrated Medical Services including Orthopedic care in conjunction with Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapeutics, Physical Medicine, and if needed, Occupational Medicine.  

It is our mission to avoid surgery for our patients by all means possible, focusing on complete musculoskeletal rehabilitation and care.


Combined Orthopedic and Chiropractic Care is the conservative treatment of health problems without the use of sometimes addictive prescription drugs or surgery. We use more natural and less invasive forms of treatment with our patients. Our Doctors utilize advanced and traditional methods which are gentle, painless, and effective.

We quickly rehabilitate routine conditions as well as difficult conditions such as Slipped and/or Herniated Discs, Shoulder Injuries, Scoliosis, Arthritic Issues, Neck and Back Pain, Knee Issues, and more. Since we have an Orthopedic Doctor on staff, we not only treat spinal conditions but conditions involving every muscle, bone and joint throughout the body. 

Our office prides ourselves on accepting and rehabilitating difficult cases and preventing individuals from having unnecessary surgical intervention by providing non-surgical solutions for spinal and joint related conditions.

If on the off chance surgery is necessary, however, we advise patients promptly and refer them to the most qualified specialists in our community.

We are Ohio BWC Certified to treat work-related injuries and are specialists in auto injuries and recovery as well.


Regenerative Therapy is also a new surgical alternative that we offer in our office.

We’ve found that this treatment option works best with Osteoarthritic Joints like knees and shoulders. A simple 30-minute treatment can help one to avoid costly and invasive surgeries, as well as longer recovery times. For more information on this new revolutionary treatment option, see our Regenerative Therapy page or ask Dr. Fabian or Dr. Hoashi if you are a current patient.


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