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Umbilical Cord Matrix Allograft


amniotic allograft cord blood stem cells Xcell Medical Group ElyriaUmbilical Cord Matrix Allograft contains growth factors and an abundant amount of live nucleated cells, including mesenchymal stem cells that secrete anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties that optimize the cellular environment in a joint to assist in advanced healing.  

Donors are selected following an intensive and complete medical review and pre-natal evaluation prior to delivery. This specific type of Regenerative Medicine treatment we use is derived exclusively from the umbilical cord after delivery of a baby, which is the safest and least-invasive method of extraction available.

All donors go through a rigorous screening process, as determined by the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Umbilical Cord Matrix mesenchymal stem cells are immune privileged because they do not express HLA-DR, therefore, there is no chance of rejection. 

It has been noted in several peer-reviewed scientific articles that umbilical cord tissue has better immunomodulatory properties than with bone marrow or fat-derived stem cells.


What are Stem Cells?


stem cell injections for joint pain Elyria XcellUnlike other cells, stem cells are unspecialized or undifferentiated in our bodies that have the capacity to change into any healthy cell in our body. Meaning they can change into skin, bone, heart, and muscle cells to name a few. They have the unique ability to divide or differentiate into many types of cells with specific functions – such as muscle, skin or bone cells.

Stem cells can also give rise to new generations of undifferentiated stem cells, thus renewing themselves. Stem cells are located throughout our body in almost every organ and tissue such as bone marrow, fat, teeth, muscles, etc.

However, as other cells in our body, stem cells also age as we do. That is why this form of Regenerative Therapy uses stem cells from the umbilical cord blood, which are young and healthy cells.


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